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is actually p. decent band. (even though i don't understand them.)

and i saw austin today. shit was rad. got his book from those old sci-tech days. uhm.

yeah. school wasn't fun today. we had to set up lunch a second week in a row, when we were supposed to which with another class. idk why we didn't. anyway, our instructor didn't pick a leader until after our first break, even though first break is when we were supposed to chill drinks, of course, with no leader they couldn't pick anyone to do it. anyway, i was put on utensil duty, which mr. chef rob was telling me to do all fast and shit, because we were running out of time, since he started us off so late to set up. ):< ANYWAY, i did a slop-job on the back-up basket of spoons, because I just didn't care and he was like YOU NEED TO FIX DIS and I was just so close to saying, why don't you just fucking do it then? if he wanted it done right, he should have let us start at the right time, rather than trying to rush us.


fuck, and we have to set up tomorrow.

hopefully, chef rob gets in trouble, because the head of the culinary program didn't know our classes didn't rotate for set up. (:


so, my power went out Thurs. evening a little before five, didn't come on 'til 6:19 yesteday.

it was no fun, well, at least until Dave came over and then forced Helen to hang out with us.

So, anyway, we went to Helen's house - who happens to live v. close to Mark, btw. it was so random, but her sister just happens to be Hoi, from Sci-Tech, so I had an awesome night there. P:

that's about it. cool stuff.

going grocery shopping today since everything in our fridge went bad because of the power outage, can't wait for school on Monday. :3


i need to find a ride home from school on the 12th, WHO WANTS TO HALP ME OUT?


i hate furries.


Let's see what's new.

I passed my finals in ServSafe and ProChef.
I got As in both classes for a final grade.
I know I did good on my certifications, results in 9 days.
I traded in my DS lite for a PSP and I do not regret it.
I am going to go outside, talk to girls.
I swept the kitchen in school today and did a damn good job.
I miss my old friends. A lot.
I like my new friends. A lot.
I am probably going to Forest Park tomorrow to watch a volleyball game for my school.
I am going to start eating healthy. Trufax. Although, school may complicate that. P:
I am back on Live. Hit me up. formudkipz.
I love playing Versus, even though I suck at it.
I like my chef coat, even though it looks dorky.
I'm kinda going into debt, but I can fix this.
I might apply to iParty again, I miss it there so much.
I sold my SNES, N64 and PS1.
The front screen of my new phone is scratched the fuck up and it's annoying.

Does anyone other than Mark read this anymore? lol.

Also, Turtle is awesome.

oooooh gosh.

Next week will be filled with crazy.

ServSafe exam + certification test.

Restaurant Hospitality and Management exam + certification test.

Tomorrow there is cookie baking in the morning at school, but I really would just prefer to sleep in, even though I do kinda wanna go.

Have a new friend, he drives a scooter and plays pokemon. It's awesome.

Not to mention quite a few other new friends, who are kidnapping me this weekend for a cookout. yayy. i just wish my old friends would be opted to do the same sometimes. ): Mark doesn't count 'cause I know he's sleeping all the time or working.

oh well. some girl at school wants me to talk to her cousin, idk. i haven't even seen this girl yet.


new phone.

got the enV 3 today. shit sick, dawgs.


so, school is aaaaaight, even if i have to wait forever to get into the kitchen.

i need pass safetyserv and math, currently, I'm taking SafetyServ and Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

I love SS, not to much the other class.

Aaannd, next week I am on vacation for the fourth of July. :D The whole weeeek.

uhm. so, Cory's brother goes to Branford Hall too, ran into him my second day. P:

yep. ok.

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