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Thundercats, ho!

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Sci-tech graduate. '08!
Pretty fucking happy.
iParty staff. (:
Got that?

:d, a perfect circle, acting like a moron, afi, alex'n'marissa, alkaline trio, alliance of defiance, alternative rock, amp, anime, asian kung-fu generation, atreyu, australia, avenged sevenfold, baco tell, beavis and butthead, bisexuals, bitch please, blah, blargh, bleach, bleeding through, blood pig, bowling for columbine, brightly colored socks, candiria, captain kangaroo, catch 22, chocolat, concerts, confusion, crappy punk rock, degrassi, devi, digimon!, dippin' dots, disco, dogs, drawing, dyketron!, faggasaurus rex, family, family guy, final fantasy, fire, foamy, foo fighters, four letter words, furcadia, gay pride, gir, girls, glowsticks, happy tree friends, heavy metal, hellsing, hrt, i feel sick, i love gay guys, i love lucy, inscense, internet, invader zim, j-pop, japan, jenna, jhonen vasquez, jimmy eat world, jthm, k-mart, katie, katie melbourne, king of bandit jing, kitty, kung-pow! enter the fist, largely worded sentences, lesbian porn, lesbian seagulls, lesbians, lol, metallica, mm'kay, modest mouse, moo, moose, mr. brightside, music, nein, nopers, obsidian halo, oompa loompas, opeth sucks, orange range, otep, ozzfest, pandas, pinky and the brain, platypi, purple, purple marshmallow peeps, que?, ravers, rem, rock, scented candles, sci-tech, self-made, sevas tra, sexy multi-colored belts, sharp objects, sleep, south of nowhere, south park, spashley, squee, stfu, t.a.t.u, tattoos, techno, television, the divinyls, the killers, the matrix, the o.c, the simpsons, thunder, transformers, trigun, uhhh, video games, walking, warhead, wheatus, wii, women, worded-heart candies